“To start with you will have to have a solid ground on why this project is of a high value to both investors and the market. Set your goals high on what you want to achieve and have the final product in mind for everything you do. Then you can break it down to essentially 5 categories where you work on reducing risk for the project to make it all the way to the market: Product, Clinical, Regulatory, Reimbursement and Commercial. With this approach and the team to deliver it – you might be up for the challenges and opportunities that the field of Life Science offers!”

With a scientific background and 17 years of experience in leading commercial roles in the MedTech business – Nathan Hore has some perspectives on the fundamentals of bringing a product to market. Born and raised in New Zealand and working in Europe, Southeast Asia and the USA this globetrotter now has settled in Stöcksjö outside of Umeå. This has led to some work in the startup community in Umeå and discussions with UBI on how to take products to market.

Join this seminar to see how Nathan’s approach to product development could help your case forward!

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