Alumni 07


Building a strartup-culture that makes innovators thrive in Västerbotten is something we feel passionate about. Therefore, we ecourage our alumni to support more recent startups in their development.
Together with the entire startup community we want to pay-it-forward and pave way for the next unicorns. Therefore, as an alumni we  will encourage you to…

  • share experiences and lessons learned
  • give advice based on your own story and background
  • offer contacts or tips about subcontractors or collaborators
  • contribe with your skills and expertise though workshops or tutorials

Becoming a part of the alumni community

The alumni community around UBI consists of teams, cases, ambassadors and co-workers who have been part of the UBI story. We take pride in facilitating a strong life science network, and offer all previous cases valuable support even after their businesses have taken off. We offer our alumni;

  1. Invitaitons to special events and activities to maintain and expand your professional network of life science and entrepreneurial contacts.
  2. Dissemination of press releases, spread of recruitment ads, alumni news and continuous branding as part of our growing life science community in northern Sweden

Current UBI cases in this phase