Verify 1 03

1-2 years

In Verify 1 your application has been approved and you are an official UBI case with an action plan and financed budget. The UBI staff is a highly qualified team of experienced professionals who will dedicate time and effort to your case. We expect you to do the same. In Verify 1 we offer a range of services, for instance;

  • Economy administration support
  • Company registration support (if needed).
  • Furnished office space in full service science park environment
  • Facilities with laboratory equipment and access to specialized equipment if needed

Officially part of the incubator portfolio

During this phase the case moves from having an idea – to forming a sustainable business based on that idea. The most important goal in Verify 1 is to evaluate if your idea is suitable for a commercial path or if the endevour risks beeing a waste of your time. In order to meet the milestones in your activity plan, we also help you with;

  • Network contacts and consultancy services with experts in IPR etc.
  • Market analysis and customer need verification activities.
  • HR-support and recruitment advice in order to form a strong team around your idea.
  • Courses and professional training in entrepreneurship and leadership.

If your case manages to assemble enough solid data you may be ready to present your case to investors without applying for external soft financing. In such a case you may be recommended to skip the Verify 2 phase and move directly to the Finance phase.

Current UBI cases in this phase