Umeå is a young life science region with lots of potentials. The main part of the business ideas that come to the incubator originates from the research at Umeå University and we need to build the industrial competence within the region.

In order to take advantage of this potential, the incubator has initiated a CEO network. In the network, participants share their experiences and knowledge in areas that are part of the CEO’s role. We also arrange targeted seminars where joint challenges are raised and discussed. The goal of the network is to increase the exchange of experience between companies, and together, companies become stronger and more competitive. The issues discussed between the participants in the network will help create value for the participating companies. At present, the network meets six times a year and the network is open to CEOs of the incubator companies and the incubator’s alumni companies.

For more information about the concept contact our Operations Coordinator Peter Jacobsson at or 090-15 49 79.