Grow 06

1-2 years

By now you have raised capital and your startup is on it’s way to become an established company. But a new team and new milestones comes expectations and demands. We can offer mentoring based on your case’s history, and coach you through board meetings and recruitments – until you have acquired the confidence to head out on your own and maybe even getting your own place. We offer;

  • Assistance with HR-issues
  • Sales technique training
  • Public relations expertise
  • Professional CEO mentoring

Scaling up and growing sustainably

You are probably changing from beeing a startup to more of a scaleup company. This is a challenging phase for many, and therefore we will be there to help you make tough strategic decisions. To become a sustainable business and making it over the infamous”valley of death” we offer hands-on support and mentoring during this vital stage of your company’s development. And, if you which, a space in the community;

  • Affordable facilities with access to private labs and offices
  • Networks for both entreprenourial and proffesional development

Current UBI cases in this phase