Labs, offices, conference rooms and social space for any size startup

Welcome to the creative environment at Tvistevägen 48C. Housed in the former Astra Zeneca building, our incubator can now offer lab space, offices and vibrant startup community with cheerful collegues and expert advice next door whenever you need it.

We believe that it should be possible, and affordable, for ideas to be realized without great risk or large personal investment. We therefore offer a selection of modern labs for molecular biology, electronics or mechanics. Our rentable spaces can be tailored to your needs. Also, our tenancy agreements are flexible and scalable so that you can make room for additional colleagues and comfortably expand your business.

UBI offers facilities, financing and know-how

• Pre-seed financing to verify the business idea.
• IPR competence and market insights to evaluate if your idea is fit for market.
• A creative and flexible environment.
• Lab time or technical support from biomedical research engineers.
• Economy administration support for your case or company.
• Project management and follow-up to secure progress.
• Media and PR assistance when your company develops.
• Relevant training in fields of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Check out the entire offer and general costs in our folder.

Private, secure and well-equipped labs

To keep your work safe our premises are locked at all times and secured with live response-alarm. In addition, each private office and lab-space is lockable for your convenience.

Our office spaces offer a wide range of tools dedicated to molecular biology research and related disciplines as well as a modern
chemistry lab. We are, amongst other things, equipped for:

  • Cell culturing
  • Bacterial culturing
  • Protein purification/ separation/ analysis
  • Basic molecular biology
  • Precision weighing
  • Various techniques for homogenization of samples
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Experiments requiring centrifuges in all sizes
  • Laboratory work in fully equipped P2-class-labs

Mahsa Fallah and Lisa Lundberg in the Omnio lab. Photo: Johan Gunséus

Scalable work space with competitive pricing

For a cost of only 410 SEK per square metre and month you will have access to the following services and facilities:

  • Cleaning of labspace/office
  • A furnished lab and/or office
  • Access to a fully equipped kitchen and lunchroom
  • Scullery complete with autoclaves, MQ water and a lab dishwasher
  • Printer equipped with scanner, paper and toners
  • Alarm guarded spaces with emergency call-out
  • High speed internet and Wi-Fi-access
  • Office bicycle to borrow at any time
  • Common storage space in basement
  • Highly equipped meeting-rooms
  • A still and quiet room for rest

If the space you are renting is a laboratory the CORE-subscription below is included. If your project require more advanced instruments, we can offer the CORE Plus package or membership in the User Club – where you get access to even more specialized Equipment.

We offer three different lab utilisation levels

CORE 600 SEK/month
Access to some of the lab equipment and devices.

CORE + (plus) 1500 SEK / month
This access requires you to rent a lab bench. Full use of the lab equipment and devices, scullery (complete with autoclaves, MQ water and dishwasher), alarm guard for your work, highly equipped meeting-rooms.

Available at a bargain price: Low Temperature Freezes at -80° C to -150° C, liquid N2 storage, freeze dryer, rtPCR.

Photo: Carolina Hawranek

Science park offer: External use of instruments or equipment

The prices above are calculated for our in-house projects and cases. If you are not a resident company or case at the incubator we can still offer you access to specialized equipment, with an additional 20 percent to cover overhead costs.