Our incubator can offer lab spaces, offices and expert advice whenever you need it

We believe that everyone should be able to pursue their ideas, regardless of their financial resources. That’s why we offer affordable lab space with advanced instruments and flexible tenancy agreements. Our spaces can be tailored to your needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Well-equipped labs

The labs at UBI are from 7 to 32 square meters. When you rent one of our furnished labs or a lab bench you will have access to common laboratory equipment, including the cell rooms.

In our fully equipped scullery, you can wash and sterilize your labware, as well as fill ultrapure water. We also have labs dedicated to cell culture (up to biosafety level 2) and space for your samples in our low-temperature freezers or in liquid nitrogen.

To keep your work safe our premises are always locked and secured with live response-alarm. In addition, each private office and lab space is lockable for your convenience.

For more information – go to:  
Instruments and equipment at UBI
Laboratories overview
Cell lab 1, Cell lab 2, Cell lab 3

Are you interested in renting lab/office?

Complete and sign this document to apply for renting lab space, office space, and/or freezer storage. UBI will review your application, inform you of the current availability, and provide the rental cost.
Svenska – Formulär för externa hyresgäster
English – Form for external tenants


As a startup, you can choose to rent only a lab, an office, or both lab and office. We have office spaces of 3.7, or 11 square meters, depending on your needs. Whether you rent an office or a lab, you will have full access to our well-appointed conference rooms, fully equipped kitchen (including coffee machine) and lunchroom, printer, Wi-Fi, common storage space, and office bicycle.

More info about our facilities here

In case of fire

Information about the emergency exits and videos about what to do in case of fire in the building.