The ‘Life Science City’ project is dedicated to advancing the life science industry in Umeå. The project aims to contribute to the long-term goal that by 2030, companies headquartered in Umeå will employ over 2,000 people and achieve a turnover exceeding SEK 1.5 billion.

The regional development initiative, Life Science City, encompasses four primary work packages. Its goals include enhancing individuals’ capability to translate knowledge into innovation, bolstering the resilience of business development during economic downturns, fostering new ideas and collaborations within Umeå’s life science sector, and improving inter-company collaboration in skill development.

Spanning from 2024 to 2026, the project specifically targets professionals within the regional life science sector and researchers in both academia and healthcare.

Project Activities:

  • Support researchers in converting knowledge into commercially viable ideas, ensuring organic growth of new business concepts that address significant health challenges.
  • Conduct activities that increase knowledge and provide insights, which in turn enhance companies’ ability to build attractive and growing businesses.
  • Establish customized forums for interaction among academia, healthcare, and industry professionals, thereby augmenting innovation across these sectors and enhancing adaptability in an evolving global context.
  • Promote collaboration between corporate entities and academic institutions to foster skill development, thereby amplifying the region’s appeal and supporting the sustenance and establishment of both local and external businesses.

Long-Term Effects (2030 Goal):
The enduring aim is to establish the life science industry in Västerbotten as a diverse and dynamic sector, comprising a variety of companies, both in size and focus. Growth will be achieved organically and through external ventures, contributing to the broader recognition of northern Sweden and enhancing its appeal across various industries.

By 2030, the sector is projected to witness a consistent annual employee growth rate of 16%, reaching a workforce of over 2,000, and generating a turnover of more than SEK 1.5 billion. Furthermore, Västerbotten is poised to develop a world-class innovation system for life science, where exemplary research and ideas evolve into flourishing enterprises that sustainably address global health challenges.

For more info about what Umeå has to offer as a Life Science City. Check out this page.

For more details on the Life Science City project, please contact:
Peter Jacobsson, Operations Coordinator

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