Evaluate 01

3-5 weeks

We are here to help you identify which results can create real benefit through commercial development. But also, which results need futher work in order to be applied. Our coaches offer free consultations for ideas in all stages, It is never to early to talk to us. The evaluation phase is a first check of the uniqueness, potential and feasibility of your idea. In this stage we offer:

  • Professional advice on the feasibility and robustness of your idea
  • Consultancy services with experts in immaterial property rights etc.
  • Suggested action plan to proceed with your case into the preincubation phase

You are the owner of your results

In Sweden, individual researchers own the entire rights to their work. And in Västerbotten this is also true for health professionals. Owning your ideas also means that it’s up to you to apply your research. In our incubator we take no part in, or have any claims on, the companies and business projects that develop and grow under our roof. This is possible thank’s to our financiers and allows us to focus entirely on the success rate of the projects which we collaborate with and work for.

A large part of UBI-cases do end up as companies – but not all. To make sure that you do not waste your time on an impossible project, we help you make those difficult decisions based on stop and go criteria within the incubation process. When your idea has matured and qualified as an innovation, we have the skills and networks to help you find the right investors, reach the market and eventually make the world a little better.