Preincubate 02

6-12 months

It takes time to verify your idea and create solid data to back it up. But hang in there. It is totally worth doing the ground-work properly. This is what the stop-and-go criteria are in place for. In the Preincubate phase it is time to get started for real. We know your idea is good. We know it is a novelty. Now we find out if the market is ready and if we’ve got a team to cheer for.

  • Facilities according to current need – office space and laboratory access.
  • Network contacts and consultancy services with experts in immaterial property etc.
  • Market analysis and customer need verification activities.

Time to complete a full application

We work with rather strict application criteria and may ask some uncomfortable questions at this stage. And we do to make your life easier. The earlier we can verify the an actual customer need and a real business potential, the less risk you are taking that your endevour will be costly later on.

If your application to UBI is not accepted on the first try – don’t lose hope right away. Maybe a small alteration is all it takes. Often it is a matter of adding some data, polishing the initial bsuiness model or re-thinking the scope of your idea. Maybe you will be back faster than you think with new data, better knowledge and larger visions.