The UBI staff (Tobias Tovedal not present at the picture).

The Financial Times has recognized Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) as one of “Europe’s Leading Start-Up Hubs”.
“This is an acknowledgment that our efforts are competitive, even globally,” says Peter Jacobsson, UBI’s operation coordinator.

For the first time this year, the Financial Times, in collaboration with Sifted (a British media company) and Statista (a German data collection firm), published a ranking titled “Europe’s Leading Start-Up Hubs.”

This ranking comprehensively assessed various aspects of leading European incubators and accelerators, including infrastructure (labs and facilities), business coaching, networking opportunities, and access to legal and financial support. The selection process also incorporated feedback from alumni companies.

UBI’s inclusion on this prestigious list, amidst evaluations of 2,000 incubators and a final selection of 125, is a valuable accomplishment.

A top spot within “Offices & Lab spaces”
While UBI’s primary focusing in supporting local researchers and fostering the regional and national Life Science sector, its international reach is undeniable. The incubator actively assists companies and ideas with the potential to make a global impact, frequently engaging with international investors and stakeholders. UBI also offers an international program supporting and coaching business ideas globally.

“Being featured on this list, particularly with the Financial Times as the publisher, is a true honor,” remarks Peter. “The ranking further validates our efforts.”

UBI’s success is particularly noteworthy within the “Office & Lab spaces” category. UBI was the only Swedish incubator to secure a top 15 position and emerged as the highest-ranked specialized Life Science incubator in Europe in the category.

“Our lab facilities at UBI are a source of immense pride. In our fully equipped scullery, you can wash and sterilize your labware and fill ultrapure water. We also have labs dedicated to cell culture (up to biosafety level 2) and space for your samples in our low-temperature freezers or liquid nitrogen,” says Peter Jacobsson.

Not the biggest, but one of the best
Founded over two decades ago by Professor Tor Ny, UBI has continuously refined its operations and incubation process. Former CEO Jennie Ekbeck’s significant contributions during her eleven-year tenure played a pivotal role in shaping UBI’s current success. However, the core mission remains unwavering: empowering Life Science innovators to translate their research into commercially viable products.

“We meticulously select projects based on robust scientific foundations and demonstrable commercial potential,” explains Peter Jacobsson. “This focused approach allows us to tailor our support effectively for each venture. While we are located close to the Arctic Circle and may not be the largest incubator in Europe, this recognition underscores our position as one of the best. It serves as a strong motivator to propel our continuous development”.

Two key factors contribute to UBI’s remarkable achievements: an unwavering commitment to quality and a dedicated team with exceptional expertise in the life sciences industry.

“This recognition is a collective effort, and I want to dedicate it to everyone in our team, our valued financiers and partners, and all the former employees who have played a crucial role in shaping UBI into the leading start-up hub it is today,” concludes Peter Jacobsson.