UBI has initiated the Industry Council (Branschrådet), which is intended to promote collaboration and meeting points between the university in Umeå and the Life science industry. Jennie Ekbeck, CEO at UBI, is the chairman of the board of the Industry Council, which gathers the program managers of the Life science-related education at the university.

Collaboration between academia and the industry is beneficial in both ways. It increases the relevance of the education, the students get valuable know-how of which competence is desired in the industry, and the industry gets an opportunity to present their business to future labor. Seminars from the industry included in the education are knowledge raising and can inspire the students to complete their educations and to see a future, after their exams, working in the Life science industry in Umeå.

Members of the Industry council, autumn 2022
Erik Chorell, Life Scienceprogrammet
Teresa Frisan, Life Scienceprogrammet
Lena Svensson, Bioteknik
Peter Lind, Mokelylärbiologprogrammet
Christian Funk, Kemiprogrammet
Jerker Frick, Apotekare- och receptarieprogrammet
Malin Walfridsson, Nordic Biomarker AB
Erika Gelfgren, Agrisera AB
Niklas Norgren, UmanDiagnostics AB
Susanne Lindström, FOI
Anna Tegström, APL
Jennie Ekbeck, UBI