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Umeå Biotech Incubator is a state of the art biotech incubator, offering facilites, know-how and financing. We have been named one of Europe’s top 15 biotech incubators and we are aiming to become the best.

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Did you know that 90 percent of our financing is from competitive grants?

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The UBI Incubation Process

The core of UBI revolves around the UBI incubation process. A tried and tested work flow developed by a team with more than 27 years of accumulated industry and business experience. We know that clear milestones, established tools and skilled expertise are pivotal in building sustainable and robust startups. Introducing the most rigorous and transparent innovation process in our field.


01 Evaluate

We are here to help you identify which results can create real benefit through commercial development. But also, which results need futher work in order to be applied. Our coaches offer free consultations for ideas in all stages, It is never to early to talk to us. The evaluation phase is a first check of the uniqueness, potential and feasibility of your idea. In this stage we offer:

  • Professional advice on the feasibility and robustness of your idea
  • Consultancy services with experts in immaterial property rights etc.
  • Suggested action plan to proceed with your case into the preincubation phase
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02 Preincubate

It takes time to verify your idea and create solid data to back it up. But hang in there. It is totally worth doing the ground-work properly. This is what the stop-and-go criteria are in place for. In the Preincubate phase it is time to get started for real. We know your idea is good. We know it is a novelty. Now we find out if the market is ready and if we’ve got a team to cheer for.

  • Facilities according to current need – office space and laboratory access.
  • Network contacts and consultancy services with experts in immaterial property etc.
  • Market analysis and customer need verification activities.
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Verify 1

03 Verify 1

In Verify 1 your application has been approved and you are an official UBI case with an action plan and financed budget. The UBI staff is a highly qualified team of experienced professionals who will dedicate time and effort to your case. We expect you to do the same. In Verify 1 we offer a range of services, for instance;

  • Economy administration support
  • Company registration support (if needed).
  • Furnished office space in full service science park environment
  • Facilities with laboratory equipment and access to specialized equipment if needed
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Verify 2

04 Verify 2

In Verify II, we have managed to connect your  case with an external partner offering some sort of grant. We are working hard to assemble the data and insights to reduce any possible risk associated with further business development. The lower the risk – the higher the value of your company. We threrefore offer special expertise regarding…

  • Personal support and preparation for meetings with external financiers.
  • Administration of follow-up reports to external seed financiers.
  • HR-support and recruitment advice in order to form a strong team around your idea
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05 Finance

Our experienced coaches have negotiated many deals and know what to look out for when taking on investors. As a UBI case you get expert support in the form of;

  • Direct access to UBI’s network of financial stakeholders and investors in life science
  • Professional coaching on investor pitching and comapany presentations for investors
  • Up-to-date market analysis for your particular case and business model
  • Partnering meetings, conferences and VC/startup-competititions
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06 Grow

By now you have raised capital and your startup is on it’s way to become an established company. But a new team and new milestones comes expectations and demands. We can offer mentoring based on your case’s history, and coach you through board meetings and recruitments – until you have acquired the confidence to head out on your own and maybe even getting your own place. We offer;

  • Assistance with HR-issues
  • Sales technique training
  • Public relations expertise
  • Professional CEO mentoring
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07 Alumni

Building a strartup-culture that makes innovators thrive in Västerbotten is something we feel passionate about. Therefore, we ecourage our alumni to support more recent startups in their development.
Together with the entire startup community we want to pay-it-forward and pave way for the next unicorns. Therefore, as an alumni we  will encourage you to…

  • share experiences and lessons learned
  • give advice based on your own story and background
  • offer contacts or tips about subcontractors or collaborators
  • contribe with your skills and expertise though workshops or tutorials
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UBI Startup Stories

We are driven by your success. And success for us means making a difference. Our innovators come to us to make the world a better place - together we go all in to make that happen.

Working towards a common goal

Honestly, we wish that our jobs were obsolete. In a perfect world, research progress would be swiftly translated into patient benefit. But our society is complex - and so far we need facilitators to aid this process. As an incubator we are only one link in a chain of great efforts. Together with local, national and international partners we strengthen Sweden as a life science nation. We are grateful to share our dedication with these partners and thankful for their continuous support.

Bring your science to patients and people

Every year we meet with between 20 and 30 curious researchers, academics or clinicians to discuss the commercial potential of their findings. Not because we want to make money. But because we want to make a difference. If you have data that needs to be applied to help others – get updated on the basics here.