Christine Grundström, lab and community manager at Umeå Biotech Incubator looking forward to Umeå Lab Fair.

Lab companies often visit Umeå one at a time. That’s why Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) organizes the Umeå Lab Fair on the 25th of April, featuring 18 participating companies.
“By bringing everyone together on the same occasion, we create added value for exhibitors and visitors”, says Christin Grundström, Laboratory and Community Manager at UBI.

The lab fair is held at Tvistevägen 48 A and targets laboratory personnel from the life science industry, universities, and the region. Since there’s no other similar fair in Umeå, the Umeå Lab Fair fills a gap.

“I have a background as a laboratory engineer and know that most lab staff rarely have the chance to visit major fairs, which are usually in bigger cities. Here, we provide an opportunity to catch up with the latest developments in Umeå, and we hope all staff are encouraged to come”, says Christin Grundström.

The fair features 18 companies, ranging from local lab firms such as Techtum, IT Teknik, and VVR to global players like Mettler-Toledo, Thermo Fisher and Bio-Rad. Also participating is the Uppsala-based Testa Center, a facility for testing and validating biologics production technologies.

”The feedback has been incredibly positive, particularly since Lab Days Stockholm is scheduled just a week prior. This turnout reinforces Umeå’s status as a center of knowledge and research”.

The Umeå Lab Fair is set for Thursday, April 25th, and will be accompanied by a Life Science Pub at Cinco later that evening.

”Many exhibitors have also registered for the pub, which offers an excellent chance for further networking. We have over 170 registrants to the pub, making it ideal to host both events on the same day”, concludes Christin Grundström.”

Participating companies: ACROBiosystems, AH Diagnostics, Avantor (VWR), Bio-Rad, ICU Scandinavia, Integrated DNA Technologies, IT Instrumentteknik, Lab Sweden, Lab Team Scandinavia, MedQTech, Mettler-Toledo, Nordic Biolabs, OpenLogger, QIAGEN, Saveen & Werner, Techtum, Testa Center, Thermo Fischer Scientific.