On Thursday the 7th of february we invite startups and investors for a full day of exclusive pre-selected one-on-one partnering at the Biotech Umeå Investment Day 2019.

>Schedule and event info

During this day you will have the chance to meet with up to 13 different health tech and life science companies in early development or startup phase. The partnering sessions are scheduled beforehand based on each stakeholder’s preference and are 25 minutes each. The participating startups 2019 are:

Morphobloc Miniprospects (A4)
Molecular Phenotyping for Parkinson’s Disease Miniprospects (A4)
Insecticide project Miniprospects (A4)
Lipigon Miniprospects (A4)
Dianox Miniprospects (A4)
Metacurum Miniprospects (A4)
Biosolens Miniprospects (A4)
Nordic Health Innovation Miniprospects (A4)
Mucocort Miniprospects (A4)
Memotus Miniprospects (A4)
Lipum Miniprospects (A4)
Brain Stimulation Miniprospects (A4)

Limited number of seats and gourmet finish

Previous year’s we’ve had over 25 investors present, and since this is a small limited-participants event the slots fill up rather quickly. After an exciting day full of partnering we will finish off with a champange mingle.

For those who choose to attend we then proceed to the Grand Hotel Veranda for the iconic buffét style dinner with flavours and foods from our home county of Västerbotten. This year we have a limited budget, due to this we require a 625:- SEK cover charge for the dinner. The event is with  this exeption of free of charge.

Join us in growing the life science innovations of the future!

Event information

  • 8:00 - 21:00
  • Event website
  • pia.keyser@ubi.se
  • Grand Hotel
    Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8
    103 27 Stockholm
  • Organiser

    Umeå Biotech Incubator
  • Registration / tickets

    Up until the 24th of January 2019 we accept cancellations, but from the 25th of January 2019 we reserve the right to send you an invoice covering the direct incurred costs after a late cancellation; no-show fee for partnering sessions; 4200 SEK, no-show fee for dinner; 800 SEK.

    Register online