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Recurrent aphthous ulcers (RAS) are mouth ulcers that can last for more than a week at each occasion and during that period patients often suffer and need sick leave. About 80% of all patient’s state that the pain from RAS is the main symptom. The innovative oral patch (MO45A) shields the ulcer giving instant pain relief and improves healing primarily through it´s extensive hygroscopic effect.

There is no disease in the oral cavity where so many different forms of treatment have been tried over the years as for RAS and where so few have shown lasting effects in serious clinical studies. There is thus a great need for new and better treatment strategies for RASas soon as possible!

Our patch:

– Provides immediate pain reduction that lasts for several hours, which is the most important primary effect that the patient requests
– Has the potential to reduce society’s costs related to RAS which will also be an endpoint in the study to calculate sick leave costs (health economics via EDQ5) and quality of life
– Accelerates the natural healing process by shielding and drying the ulcer through its hygroscopic effect
– Can be adapted to different sizes of wounds, including aphthous wounds, making it easier for both caregivers and patients
– Is easy to administer
– Has the potential to improve compliance (treatment adherence)
– Has the potential to reduce the need for cortisone treatment, both local and systemic
– Is fully degradable – no impact on the environment.
– Aiming for new environmentally friendly packaging
– Will be produced by Aurena Laboratories AB in Sweden

Current status

Mucocort has now established a strategic collaboration with Aurena Laboratories, a Swedish manufacturing and distribution company. An IP/IM strategy is formulated and the planning of process work, tech transfer and clinical trials according to ISO 13485 and ISO 14155 is ongoing for study, production and packaging. The study is planned to for Q3-4 2023 and will be conducted in Gothenburg, Sweden.