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We are developing an oral patch, with a pending patented galenic formulation, providing immediate pain relief. The product can theoretically reach a target patient population of 10-20,000 patients annually in Sweden, and considerably higher in international markets.

Painful ulcers with a lifelong suffering

Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS) is one of the most common conditions affecting the oral mucosa in the population. The major problem experienced by patients is moderate to severe pain, especially during eating and talking. Disease cause(s) is still unknown. The yearly prevalence of RAS is approximately 1.5 percent of the adult population worldwide. Lifelong prevalence in the population is approximately 40 percent.

Immediate pain relief with a patented oral patch

This unique patch will be assessed in an appropriate phase IIa clinical study. Exit planning and potential partners will be identified for further commercial and market exploitation.

A new way to address condition compared to previous solutions

In contrast to current solutions, our strategy is to use the positive effect of a covering patch/gel in a unique galenic formulation which will provide rapid pain relief. Within the project partner group, we have a unique competence in oral medicine, clinical pharmacology, endocrinology, innovation management, patient recruitment, galenic pharmacies, project and process development, as well as marketing and sales.

The Mucocort solution has solid scientific backing

There are several potential products on the market for OTC use. Such options include aloe vera, biologics, gamma globulin treatment, sodium chromoglycate lozenges, dapson, colchicine, pentoxifyllin, levamisol, colchicine, azathioprine, prednisolone, azelastin, alpha 2-interferon, cyclosporin, deglycerated licorice, 5-amino salicylic acid (5-ASA), prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), sucralfate, diclofenac and aspirin.

Apart from potent steroids, which cause problematic side effects, none of these drugs are accepted by the medical community as being consistently beneficial in the treatment of RAS. This is supported by a Cochrane review (2012) of treatments for aphthous stomatitis, which found that data from all major attempts lacked methodological rigor and concluded that no single therapy could be recommended given the data currently available.

Current status

We have established an innovation company (Mucocort AB) with multiple competences relevant to RAS. An IP/IA strategy is formulated and under development. Planning of process work, galenic development and clinical trials according to ISO 13485 is ongoing.

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