Brain stimulation offer digital evidence-based virtual reality rehabilitation for improved quality of life for stroke patients. We offer an accessible treatment strategy for patients suffering from neglect with shorter stay at hospital and eventually less need of support in their daily life.

A worldwide problem

No products on the market today are effective on stroke patients with neglect. Stroke is the most common cause of long-term disability, a worldwide problem, a huge burden for the community.

Every year 5 million new stroke patients need rehabilitation, in the first step of our business idea we have focus on rehabilitation of neglect, a devastating cognitive handicap after brain lesion. There is lack of effective treatment and diagnostic methods for cognitive disorders after stroke especially neglect (attention problems).

Our Solution

Brain Stimulation offers a unique product, an effective rehabilitation method that combines neuro science with virtual reality technology, an intense method to heal a broken brain. It is an effective, fun and cost effective rehabilitation that can be used at home as well as in hospitals. In a game environment, an intense individualized training program is combined with stimulation of all the senses using physics, 3D and robotics. It is also a method for training function of the paretic arm.

Competitive Advantages

Research results show improvements even in old patients years after they had their stroke in i.e. ”chronic” neglect, after only 15 hours. There is an improvement in attention in daily life and have new activity in the brain. The method also includes a diagnostic test battery that enables assessment of the attention problem and gives feedback to patient and caregivers from the individual training.

The hardware are standard components a PC, 3D glasses, earphones and a robotic pen. The software creates an interactive virtual reality environment with multi-sensor stimulation and activation of the paretic arm.

The business models are: step one sell by marketing through pilot costumers; key opinion leaders, offering home loan by hospitals and rehab centers worldwide, as well as in step two sell direct to patients as well as by develop a business concept of Brain-fitness centers offering pay per use.


For now we see a few products in stroke rehab field but yet no competition. We have a unique, scientific design of the product, an evidence based evaluation that also proved new brain activity after only 15 h use. We will collect Health economic data in the next step. We will now go from a research project, through a Proof of concept study to develop business to get stroke patients word wide access to effective, fun stroke rehabilitation. Neglect is the first step; the goal is to develop the product for different cognitive disorders and hand training and so reach the need for the majority of stroke patients.

Our clinical studies show sign of persistent improvements of independence in activities of daily life. We will evaluate in the Proof of Concept (PoC) how the product of Brain Stimulation saves resources for the health care system and gives an improved life quality to the patients, with shorter stay at hospital, less need of support in daily life.

Today there is a lack of rehabilitation recourses for neglect patients, there is a need of 40 hours; one therapist to one patient scanning-training in daily life to ensure persistent effect. No methods or products on the market today are effective on stroke patients with neglect. This is a self training for use at home, designed for telemedicine support from therapist.