Room B12B (floor 1). Lab for cell lines, Bio safety class 2 , restricted access, registered as GMM facility ( L-Verksamhet).

Working with GMM in the lab

Cell lab 3 has been registered as a BCL- 2 (L-verksamhet ) by UBI. Before working with GMM, your “verksamhet” must be reported 45 days before the start to the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket). Read more here: Working with GMM

You may start work in an L-business 45 days after a completed notification unless the Swedish Work Environment Authority decides otherwise. If the Swedish Work Environment Authority has assigned the L-verksamhet with diary numbers and sent a confirmation letter to you, this means that you can use GMM in the way you have described in the notification.

Registration of new GMM (L-verksamhet)

Once you have had your application approved and your L-verksamhet registered, you do not need to report 45 days before for working with new GMMs within the same L-verksamhet. You need to submit an update with the registered diary number of the L-verksamhet.

Full equipment list

Benchtop refrigerated centrifuge for Eppendorf tubes.

Benchtop refrigerated centrifuge for vials and plates

Rotor 11180 Sigma
Rotor 12159H Sigma
Rotor Biosafe 11241 Sigma

Power Pac Universal Bio-Rad
Power supply

Dot blott Bio-Rad
Simplification of the western blot method for detection of proteins.

WPA CO8000 Density meter
Measuring the density of cells in suspension.

CO2 – Incubator
QWJ300S Queue

Heating cabinet
Memmert modell 600


Two LAF-benches
Scanlaf Mars Safety 900 Advice

Microplate reader
Tecan CM Sunrise
Microplate reader with filter 415, 570, 595 and 600 nm.

Multiskan_FC – Thermo Fischer
Microplate reader with filter 405,450 and 620 nm.

CKX41SF Olympus (Inverted Microscope)
Inverted microscope and fluorescence applications.

Biometra T-Personel
iCycler Thermal Cycler Bio-Rad

Schott CG 843

Two Shaking Incubators
Ecotron HT Infors HT

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