Lipigon is a lipid biology specialist company. It utilizes proprietary and unique know-how and technologies to discover and develop novel therapies for patients with lipid disorders and other cardio-metabolic risk factors.

For how many years did you work with the incubator team?

“The first contact was in 2008 and we still have some contact today.”

What happened to your idea in the end?

“Well, it ended up as Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB. We’re currently in the process of broadening the business and building a long-term pharmaceutical company.”

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What did you most appreciate about the incubator environment?

“What I appreciated most was the close proximity to contacts and decision-making.”

What learnings have you taken with you from your journey in the incubator?

“It’s hard to isolate the incubator program and the learnings from it, but all experiences contribute to progress.”

What would you say to others wanting to utilise a research idea?

“Be ready for a lot of work, and don’t do it half-heartedly.”