Johan Skog

Exosome Diagnostics was founded on the discoveries of Dr. Johan Skog, who discovered that snippets of RNA extracted from genetic components called exosomes could be harvested at high quality from bodily fluids and then used to detect tumor mutations. Today, Exosome Diagnostics is developing diagnostics using fluids like serum, plasma, urine, spinal fluid and saliva that contain DNA, RNA and proteins from their original cells. The proprietary technology works with liquid samples that are fresh or frozen, without needing tissue. The first commercial product is ExoDx Prostate IntelliScore, or EPI, which is a urine-based analysis that can be used by urologists to decide on the need for a prostate biopsy in patients who have an ambiguous PSA test result. Johan will during this digital seminar tell about his journey from Umeå to the life science scene in Boston, and how he took his discovery from research to the market. The journey included raising over $110M USD in venture capital, and Exosome Diagnostics was acquired by Bio-techne in 2018.  He will also talk about the possibilities of Liquid Biopsies using Exosomes technique. Dr Skog is serving as the Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Exosome Diagnostics, a Bio-techne brand.

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