New international board promises to take Omnio to the next level

Umeå-based biopharmaceutical company Omnio AB, which is currently awaiting efficacy data from preclinical wound studies using recombinant plasminogen, has recently appointed an internationally experienced board of directors charged with taking the company forward.
“Our new board’s network and experience will allow us to build strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, accelerate our clinical development program and ultimately bring our wound-healing candidate to market”, says Ulrika Norin, CEO of Omnio.

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Umeå wound healing company appoints new CEO

Umeå-based biopharmaceutical company Omnio has appointed Ulrika Norin, who has a long history of working with drug development startups, as its new CEO.

“I am excited look forward to being a part of Omnio’s team. We have made significant progress in finding identifying ways to help difficulthard-to-treat heal patients with their chronic wounds. Our work feels rewarding and important”, says Ulrika Norin.

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