Learn how an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) can improve quality, compliance, knowledge sharing and team efficiency.

Sharing R&D information across groups and sites is a big challenge for many corporations. In addition, many applications are deployed in isolation, leading to inefficiencies for the employees and a poor overview of IP assets. An ELN may offer the capabilities to streamline the documentation and protect intellectual property, help scientists collaborate in global and networked activities, and make scientific data and observations associated with experimentation easier to search, find and use.

The webinar will cover

• TOP Challenges: Life Sciences Industry and R&D
• One Connected Scientific Collaborative Environment
• LIVE Demo: The Electronic Lab Notebook BIOVIA Notebook – Key Features and Benefits

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We at TECHNIA believe in ensuring healthy lives and wellbeing for all. By forming strategic partnerships with our customers, we speed up and streamline product development processes and drive innovation and guide you in your digital transformation journey.
While many of the challenges in the Life Sciences industry are well known the great diversity and the pace of change in the sector is a challenge. We have a proven record of supporting renowned companies within the Life Science industry by streamlining processes, reducing time to market, and increasing profitability while maintaining quality and meeting regulatory demands.

Niclas Lindberg is a Sales Executive with over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, his work with TECHNIA includes helping their Life Sciences partners turn regulatory complexity into a competitive advantage.

Meike Diepenbroek is based in Malmö, Sweden and has a long history of working in Life Science R&D in academia, clinics, and industry. She received her PhD in Biology from the University Tübingen in Germany in 2014. After that Meike was working as an academic Postdoctoral Researcher within Biomedical Neuroscience and continued as a Senior Scientist in a pharmaceutical company within drug discovery before she joined TECHNIA as a Business Consultant. Based on her scientific background, Meike can identify drawbacks, define needs, and develop new concepts to streamline R&D systems and processes to meet the challenges in the Life Sciences Industry and turn regulatory complexity into a competitive advantage.

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