NanoBio Select@ is developing novel highly sensitive detection devices with aims to improve immunoassay technologies.

The increasing global prevalence of chronic conditions such as cancer drives the demand for effective diagnostic methods such as immunoassay. The unique advantages of our nano plasmonic products, given the combination of compatibility, versatility, and efficiency make it competitive to current technologies, while having the potential to form a robust business for the future.

Research academic labs and pharmaceutical & biotech firms in particular need new immunoassay tools with high performance for disease diagnosis and therapy development. Meanwhile, cost is a concern since the current immunoassay market is driven by cost-per-test more than technologies per se. Existing products are however either costly or of unsatisfactory quality. More importantly, academic research labs and pharmaceutical & biotechnology firms are demanding products that allow multiplexed tests, that is to probe several biomarkers in the same tests, in order to reduce time, cost and sample volume and thereby also achieve high throughput of experiments. Consequently, they call for a product with high cost-performance ratio that can deliver impressive sensitive functions and can improve efficiency.


Our nano detection devices which combine nano- and biotechnologies aim to meet the described need. Our products can provide optical sensitive performance and it can be used as signal amplification reagent in a lab-based immunoassay, and hence enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of immunoassay processes.


Our devices have a unique competitive advantage in terms of high cost-performance ratio.
They enable customers to obtain high quality results, concurrent with the benefit of not having to invest in new instrumentation as well as low cost of consumables, leading to an overall low cost per test. When integrated in the traditional ELISA platform, our devices enhance the performance and provide a solution to reaching high throughput, currently a difficulty for ELISA customers. Therefore, they possess the attributes including:
• High sensitivity
• Low cost
• Compatibility
• Multiplexity
• A broad range of applications

UBI Incubation Phase

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Contact Information

Xueen Jia
Project owner
Department of Physics, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden
Thomas Wågberg
Project owner
Department of Physics, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden
Xian Li
Project manager
Tobias Tovedal
Business coach Umeå Biotech Incubator