Shades of Green, led by Daniel Pacurar of Boreal Orchards, is developing innovative approaches for sustainable and adaptive greening solutions both for urban environments and for restoring disturbed ecosystems. The aim is to create moss-coated solutions for outdoor and indoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetic.

By cultivating local moss species and utilizing bioreactors, Shades of Green can efficiently grow moss propagules. These propagules, often referred to as “living paint,” are applied to various surfaces to enhance both indoor and outdoor environments.

In 2023, Shades of Green is conducting several pilot projects to expand production and evaluate the effectiveness of moss paint on buildings and for restoring areas disturbed by human activities.

The benefits of this approach are significant for re-naturing and mitigating the effects of climate change, for providing ecosystem services and supporting ecosystem restoration, reducing dust, pollution, and urban heat island effect, for urban greening, and improved well-being.

”Shades of Green is committed to meeting the future demand for sustainable re-naturing and greening solutions, while also focusing on building the necessary production capabilities to support these endeavors”.