Virtual reality that helps stroke patients with neglect is the business idea that gives Helena Fordell, founder of Brain Stimulation AB, the SKAPA-prize in Västerbotten. She is now ready for the national SKAPA-gala 9th of November 2017.

Helena Fordell, Brain Stimulation AB, receives the SKAPA Prize in Västerbotten with a 25,000 SEK Award for her work with Brain Stimulation AB. She has developed a unique treatment method based on virtual reality technology that offers stroke patients suffering from neglect a 3D-environment where thay can rehabilitate their brain’s attention span. The innovative digital training tool is termed “RehAtt” and offers stroke patients a stimulating, entertaining and effective treatment.

Brain Stimulation ready for national gala in november

Almi Företagspartner Nord, together with Uppvinnarföreningen Umeå and Skellefteå and Uminova Innovation, the local organisers and jury, has selected the one innovator who will represent Västerbotten in Sweden’s most prestigious innovation competition – the SKAPA award. Helena Fordell is now ready for the national finals where 550,000 SEK is allocated to a maximum of three national winners that will be announced during the SKAPA Innovation Gala at the Stockholm Fair on November 9th 2017.

Unique combination of neuroscience and VR-technology

The jury motivated their selection of the Winner with the following statement: “The winner of the SKAPA Prize 2017 has developed a treatment method that diagnoses and rehabilitates stroke patients suffering from attention disturbances. By combining VR technology with research on neuroplasticity of the human brain, it has been possible to create a unique 3-dimensional training environment. This environment offers stroke-infected people a stimulating, entertaining and effective treatment. ”

This article in Swedish: https://infotechumea.se/nyheter/vr-och-3d-for-strokepatienter-prisas
Orginial press release from Almi Nord: http://www.almi.se/Nord/Aktuellt/Vasterbottens-framsta-innovatorer-2017/

Website of Brain Stimulation: http://www.brainstimulation.se/