Fredrik Jonsson, CEO Brain Stimulation

Umeå-based biotech company Brain Stimulation has appointed Fredrik Jonsson as its new CEO.
“Brain Stimulation has developed a fascinating and important product and now we want to concentrate on sales,” says Fredrik Jonsson.

Brain Stimulation is part of the Umeå Biotech Incubator and Uminova Innovations Incubator programs and develops digital systems that address the enormous need for better, more efficient rehabilitation treatments for stroke patients. The company has designed a unique method that combines neuroscience, VR technology and game design.

With the right diagnosis patients can more quickly begin the proper course of rehabilitation, which leads to a better health economy and quality of life for the patient and the community. The company’s technology is based on the world-leading research of medical doctor Helena Fordell, founder and former CEO of Brain Stimulation.

Brain Stimulation’s new CEO Fredrik Johnson, who officially started his new role in mid-September, has a background as a CEO at Bioresonator, a senior consultant at Alten Sweden and as CEO and owner of Trixa Konsult AB.

“It feels inspiring to be involved in something that feels so right on every level. We’re working at the forefront with technology and research to provide patients and the healthcare profession with high quality tools to effectively diagnose and rehabilitate stroke patients,” says Fredrik Jonsson.

He continues:

“We have incredibly strong research and exciting ongoing development but now also need to focus on reaching out more with our products. My role is very much about just that, while Helena Fordell will continue to focus on research and development. Timing is always important and our time is now.”

Fredrik believes Brain Stimulation’s products replace old-fashioned ‘paper and pen’ solutions. Healthcare professionals can now save time and all information gets documented for further follow-up.

”With better quality tools you can make more customised rehab plans that ultimately provide a better quality of life for the patient. The overall health economic effects are significant,” says Fredrik Jonsson.

For more information, please contact:

Fredrik Jonsson, CEO, Brain Stimulation AB
+46 70-512 55 74

Derny Häggström, Chairman, Brain Stimulation AB
+46 70-512 55 52