Every year we arrange Meet Umeå Life Science in Stockholm, where startup companies and experienced experts within life science will be given the opportunity to mingle and discuss possible collaborations. This is an opportunity for the startup company to find professionals to join the board of directors, advisory board, CEO, experts in product development and expand your network.

The latest Meet Umeå Life Science was held on January 29, 2020, at Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien in Stockholm – with a record number registered. Speaker was Anette Nordvall, early stage tech investor.

If you have any questions, please contact Pia Keyser, pia.keyser@ubi.se, 073-620 51 61.

Participating companies were:

Acne Treatment Project
Acne vulgaris affects more than 80 percent of people at some point in their life and frequently continues into adulthood. Recent data suggest that there are about 700 million people living with acne around the world. This case focuses on a novel approach to fighting acne without the hazards of antibiotic resistance development. Read more about Acne Treatment Project in their onepager.

Betulaceae Pharmaceutical
This company’s goal is to increase survival, improve quality of life and less suffering for cancer patients. Their novel chemical entities (NCE) can prevent over-activation of certain signaling pathways and are based on existing pharmaceuticals that are well tolerable and easy to produce. This will be a first in class drug with little side effects (known drug class), addressing cancer-induced cachexia and suppression of the immune system. Read more about Betulaceae Pharmaceutical in their onepager.

Brain Stimulation
Brain Stimulation RehAtt® is a new concept for stroke-rehabilitation. A unique, effective rehabilitation product that combines neuroscience and cutting-edge technology to create an enriched, motivating training environment that stimulates brain plasticity and improves attention function by strengthening neuronal traffic. Proven effective even years after the stroke. Read more about Brain Stimulation in their onepager.

Delayed or inappropriate treatment of anaerobic infections may result in severe disease or death. With knowledge levels dropping in clinical laboratories, the need for anaerobic proficiency increase. Dianox is developing educational solutions to halt this trend in health care. Read more about Dianox in their onepager.

G4 cancer cure
Breast cancer, the most common cancer in women, needs improved drugs to increase patient survival. G4 cure aims to develop selective cancer drugs, that simultaneously affect two well-recognized cancer targets, the STAT3 protein and G-quadruplex DNA (G4) structures to reduce drug-resistance and improve treatment. Read more about G4 cancer cure in their onepager.

Hiloprobe AB has developed a superior method of diagnosing and prognosing patients with colorectal cancer after surgery. Their innovative clinical tool – the ColoNode is far more accurate than current standard procedures, opening up the possibility of personalized medicine within the colorectal cancer field. Read more about Hiloprobe in their onepager.

GDPR and the patient data law, make sms and mail between caregivers and patients illegal. Instrube Health AB has designed an app, Memotus, tailor-made for caregivers to communicate with patients in a safe, easy, fast and legal way. With Memotus texts, pictures, videos and documents are sent safely. Identification is done via BankID. Read more about Memotus in their onepager.

Lipum develops a biological pharmaceutical for a novel mechanism of action in the treatment of chronic inflammations. Essentially, the drug will be a monoclonal antibody directed towards the protein bile salt-stimulated lipase, BSSL. One indication is as an orphan drug for the more severe forms of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), providing patients with an effective treatment alternative having less adverse effects than the drugs used today. Read more about Lipum in their onepager.

MetaCurUum Biotech
Aim to develop a novel therapeutic for treatment of aggressive prostate cancer. The treatment is intended to improve the quality of life and extend the life expectancy in patients by preventing the formation of metastases. The approach is an antibody that is expected to have fewer side-effects than current treatment options for this indication. Read more about MetaCurUm Biotech in their onepager.

Are developing an oral patch, which will be a patented galenic formulation, providing rapid pain relief for the patient. The product can theoretically reach a target patient population of 10-20,000 patients annually in Sweden, and considerably higher in international markets. Read more about Mucocort in their onepager.

Nordic Health Innovation
With the help of technology, we contribute to more accessible health care for those who need it most. We live by the motto “Empowering the patient”, which means that we want to put the patient in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own health and information that is collected about the individual, for example measurement data from health searches. Read more about Nordic Health Innovation in their onepager.

Omnio AB, is a biotechnical research and development company with the aim to develop pro-inflammatory protein based drug candidates based on the plasma protein plasminogen. Plasminogen occurs naturally in sufficient levels in the circulation of healthy people, and can thus be derived through blood plasma fractionation procedures, such as the Cohn Process or ProMetic’s PPPSTM process. Read more about Omnio in their onepager.

Pro Test Diagnostics
Pro Test Diagnostics is developing a routine test to monitor and detect illegal use of one’s own stored blood to enhance performance in elite athletes. The ABT™-test can expose athletes who have used blood doping and the result is not affected by the athlete’s training intensity, the use of high-altitude training or the use of low oxygen tents. Read more about Pro Test Diagnostics in their onepager.

Quretech Bio
Quretech Bio develops innovative antibiotics by stopping bacterial virulence with a first-in-class active substance. The approach is not to kill bacteria, but make them harmless – thus complementing existing treatments and making established antibiotic drugs more effective without causing resistance. Read more about Quretech Bio in their onepager.