Niklas Norgren, VP and Managing director at UmanDiagnostics, with newly recruited Maria Hörnberg and Ronja Lindgren.

“We have grown from nine to eleven employees. It feels like a significant milestone for us to pass ten employees”, says Niklas Norgren, VP and Managing Director at UmanDiagnostics.

It was just a year ago that the in vitro diagnostics company expanded its premises at Tvistevägen 48 in Umeå by 180 square meters to a total of 630 square meters. This expansion provided the company with additional storage and packaging capabilities for its finished products, enabling it to meet increased market demand.

UmanDiagnostics has also grown its personnel with the appointment of Maria Hörnberg this autumn. Maria joined the company from InfiCure Bio as an Assay Development Scientist, while Ronja Lindgren was also hired as a Laboratory Engineer.

This means UmanDiagnostics now has eleven employees in total, which by definition means it has gone from being a micro business (up to 9 employees) to a small business (10-50 employees).

“Maria’s appointment strengthens our research and development department, while Ronja’s role means we have a greater opportunity to scale up further our production to meet customer demand for our products”, says Niklas Norgren.

UmanDiagnostics was founded in 2006 by Niklas Norgren and Torgny Stigbrand. The company specializes in nerve injury markers and the Neurofilament light protein (NFL), which makes it easier to find and diagnose neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The company released a new product – NF-light™ Serum ELISA – two years ago that is predicted to revolutionize research within the field of neurological diseases.

“The fact the company is growing both in terms of larger premises and more members of staff is a clear indication the business is doing well. We see an increased need for our products, reflected in our sales and customer deliveries. We have now secured suitable premises where we can continue to grow”, concludes Niklas Norgren.

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Niklas Norgren, VP och Managing director
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