Ylva Elias, Umandiagnostics

Ylva Elias has been appointed Business Development Manager at Swedish life science company UmanDiagnostics. She formerly took up her new position in January this year, and is responsible for selling and marketing UmanDiagnostics products throughout Europe.

“This is an incredibly important recruitment for our company. Ylva has the perfect background to be able to help us reach out to new customers in our European markets”, says Niklas Norgren, CEO of UmanDiagnostics.

UmanDiagnostics was founded in 2006 by Niklas Norgren and Torgny Stigbrand. The company specializes in nerve injury markers and the Neurofilament light protein (NFL), which makes it easier to find and diagnose neurological diseases such as ALS and Alzheimer’s disease.

The company has created the new position of Business Development Manager for Ylva, who has a Master of Science in biology from Uppsala University and worked as a researcher for 15 years before moving into sales. She now has 14 years experience selling life science products and services, both in the US and Europe. She also held a sales position at UmanDiagnostics’s parent company Quanterix in the USA. Quanterix bought the Swedish company back in 2019.

“I lived in San Diego in California for 17 years before I moved back to Sweden in 2018. Now I am very excited to be part of the team at UmanDiagnostics and look forward to helping develop the business and its products”, says Ylva Elias.
“It is extremely important for UmanDiagnostic to recruit qualified staff. With a new Business Development Manager we’ll expand our product range and can provide better service to existing and new customers throughout Europe”, says Niklas Norgren.
UmanDiagnostics currently has ten employees, and already has plans to increase its workforce in the years ahead to meet market demand. In October 2021, the company released a new product – the NF-light ELISA serum – which is predicted to revolutionize research.
“When looking for neurological diseases such as ALS and Alzheimer’s disease, you need to take a spinal fluid sample from the patient, which brings with it both pain and a certain amount of risk. With our new product a simple blood test is enough”, says Niklas Norgren, and continues:
“Our customers really seem to appreciate our new product”.
He said UmanDiagnostics had also been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, with laboratory facilities being forced to close. Today, however, there is a strong increase in interest for the company’s products.
“The future looks very promising. Our goal is to improve everyday life for patients suffering from neurological diseases. Now with our experienced team and our new Business Development Manager Ylva we have every opportunity to achieve our goals”, says Niklas Norgren.

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Niklas Norgren, VP, Managing Director på UmanDiagnostics
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About UmanDiagnostics:
UmanDiagnostics is committed to delivering fast and accurate diagnosis of neurological diseases. The company develops and markets valuable tools for early detection of diseases. The company was founded in 2006 and since then has focused on diseases affecting the nervous system such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.