SpinChem joins the Enzyme Technology Alliance – a group of six trailblazing European companies, collaborating to bring competitive solutions for the biotech industry to market at scale.
“In the Alliance, we can tackle complex challenges and offer solutions previously unimaginable”, says Emil Byström, CEO of SpinChem.

The Enzyme Technology Alliance strives to replace harmful processes with environmentally friendly alternatives, benefiting a more sustainable industry, and enabling companies to improve their production profitability. It comprises six small to medium-sized companies, with SpinChem and Allozymes joining the four founding companies: Candidum GmbH, Aminoverse B.V., ChiralVision B.V., and Enzymicals AG.

Milestone for SpinChem
“At SpinChem we are excited to join the Enzyme Technology Alliance and to start collaborating with like-minded companies that share our vision of a sustainable and innovative biotech future. The new collaboration is a major milestone helping us further develop products and solutions and share resources, helping us to tackle complex challenges and offer previously unimaginable”, says Emil Byström, CEO of Umeå based SpinChem.

The Alliance’s approach signifies a new problem-solving method in the biotech industry. By offering comprehensive access to protein development processes, global startups, and corporations can bring their innovations to market more efficiently.

The collaboration can help accelerate advancements in biotechnology, potentially leading to breakthroughs in fields such as medicine, agriculture, and environmental sustainability and embracing a more cooperative and supportive partnership.

Flexible and agile alliance
Broad expertise in research, development, and manufacturing is essential for the successful journey from protein sequence to a final biocatalytic process intended for large-scale implementation.

SpinChem, who won the ‘University Spin-Off of the Year’ at the Umeå Gala 2024, is renowned for its innovative Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) technology in chemical reactions, enabling more efficient and environmentally friendly processes.

“Our commitment is not just technical; it’s part of a larger vision to contribute to a more sustainable future. With this Alliance, we can make a difference in the world. Being relatively small companies, we are also flexible and agile, able to adapt and respond quickly to market needs. We look forward to contributing with our expertise in enzyme optimization and reaction processes to the Enzyme Technology Alliance”, Emil Byström concludes.

Allozymes, Singapore: Rapidly develops customized enzymes.
Aminoverse B.V, Netherlands: Accelerates the pace of innovation in enzyme development.
Candidum GmbH, Germany: Creates customized enzymes in a simplified and efficient way.
ChiralVision, Netherlands: Simplifies the application of biocatalysis and enzyme immobilization across various uses.
Enzymicals AG, Germany: Provides tailored solutions for biocatalysis applications.
SpinChem, Sweden: Uses rotating bed technology to revolutionize various chemical processes.

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Media contact:
Emil Byström, CEO

About SpinChem
SpinChem’s vision is to transform the world by providing the simplest, fastest, most stable, and resource-efficient technical solutions, as a catalyst for the global process chemistry industry. SpinChem is a privately held company in Umeå, Sweden, that develops innovative rotating bed reactors (RBR) for synthesis, manufacturing, and purification in the chemical and biotechnology industries. The company provides solutions from laboratory to production scale for customers worldwide.
The RBR technology has been developed in Umeå and is extensively patented by the company.

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