Aphthous stomatitis is a common disorder. 60 percent of the world’s population has experienced such mouth ulcers during their lifetime. The Mucocort team (the picture) have invented a self-absorbing patch provides immediate pain relief and facilitates natural healing.

Swedish MedTech company Mucocort plans to launch a mucosal self-absorbing patch for pain relief in people suffering from aphthous stomatitis (mouth ulcers). The interest in Mucocort patch technology has increased after the approval of a European patent. Further, the Mucocort AB minority stakeholder Aurena Laboratories steps up with additional capital and increases its ownership.

A year ago, Mucocort signed an agreement with family-owned Aurena Laboratories AB, making the Karlstad-based company a minority owner in Mucocort AB. The two companies will collaborate on production, marketing, sales, and an intended international market launch.

“We are delighted that Aurena AB wants to increase its investment in our product and sees the potential in a mucoadhesive topical patch for pain relief in aphthous stomatitis. This will help ensure production in Sweden and secure the development of a new line extension product for special patient categories.

Aurena Laboratories is a well-managed Swedish company that already works with sustainable solutions for topical and other uses. Aurena has expert knowledge in the field and a broad customer base.
“Our collaboration ensures that our patch will be a Swedish-made product, which also means that we can jointly focus on developing a more environmentally friendly packaging alternative”, says Mucocort’s project manager, Jean Lycke.

Paves the way for upcoming patents

The collaboration between Mucocort and Aurena Laboratories was announced after Mucocort had its first application for a European patent approved. Mucocort, which is a virtual company, receiving business support from Umeå Biotech Incubator, now plans to include further regions and countries to broaden the market options.

“Now Mucocort and Aurena will work together to expand intellectual property protection, preparing for a future market launch”, says Jean, who adds:

“It is very gratifying that we got the green light for our first patent, especially as our upcoming patent applications will complement the one, we’ve just had approved”.

In addition to filing patent applications, Mucocort is in the final stage of applying to the Swedish Medical Products Agency for permission to conduct a pivotal clinical trial.

About Mucocort’s M045A oral patch

* The self-absorbing oral mucosal patch – an MDR class II product – provides immediate pain relief and facilitates natural healing for people affected by aphthous stomatitis (recurrent mouth ulcers).
* The patch is placed directly over the aphthous ulcer and stays in place for three to four hours.
* The biodegradable patch is then converted into a gel that can either be swallowed or spitted out.
* Mucocort’s M045A patch was developed by Mats Jontell, Professor in Oral Medicine, and Pathology, Olle Isaksson, Professor in Endocrinology, and Thomas Hedner, Professor in Clinical Pharmacology, with Jean Lycke as Project Manager.
* Mucocort is a virtual company and has no fixed costs for offices or laboratories. Instead, the company hires external solutions when required. Currently, 98.5 percent of the company’s revenue and capital goes toward product development.

About Aurena Laboratories AB

* A Swedish company that develops and manufactures medical technology products.
* Manufacturer of nasal sprays for international markets.
* Leading contract manufacturer of medicinal products in spray format.
* A family-owned business based in Karlstad with 95 employees

For further information, please contact:

Jean Lycke, Project Manager, Mucocort
Tel: 070-277 15 11