“There is huge potential in Umeå, both within MedTech and life science in general” says Robert Tönhardt, Life Science Director at Prevas. Photo: Prevas

Umeå’s life science industry continues its rapid expansion with news that technology consulting company Prevas is looking to hire a Business Unit Manager for its new offices in the city.
“There is a growing market for life science in Umeå that we want to be a part of”, says Majid Meshkintorreh, Prevas’ Norrland Regional Manager.

Prevas was founded in 1985 and operates in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The company employs around 900 consultants in two main business areas: product development, which includes life science/MedTech (which accounts for approximately 60 percent of the business), and production development.

Prevas has already established itself in Luleå to focus on production development. Now Prevas’ sights are set on Umeå, emphasizing engineering consulting centered on life science.

“We are strongest in the MedTech field but know that there is huge potential in Umeå, both within MedTech and life science in general. There are already large companies such as APL, Cytiva and Nordic Biomarker here, as well as enormous potential in all the startups Umeå is home to. There is also a natural connection to the hospital and the university, which gives the industry a solid foundation to stand on”, says Robert Tönhardt, Life Science Director at Prevas.

Prevas works with product development of medical technology and has experts in, among other specialisms, quality control, quality assurance and regulatory issues, product development and validation.

“We have developed many products within the MedTech industry, where we help those who have great ideas but not the R&D capability required for development”, says Majid Meshkintorreh.

Prevas is initially looking for a Business Unit Manager for its Umeå offices, responsible for building up the business.

“We believe the new office should be allowed time to grow organically. There is huge potential in Umeå, but we want to get a feel for the market first and then crystallize how we can grow further. We are establishing ourselves with a primary focus on life science. However, there are a number of production companies in Umeå, so we hope we can also start working with production development too”, says Robert Tönhardt.

“The most important thing with this recruitment is that we find the right person – preferably someone with a network of contacts who knows what competencies are available and who can give us a strong start in Umeå”, add Majid Meshkintorreh.