Sofia Mayans, Dan Holmberg, Inficure Bio
InfiCure Bio, Sofia Mayans och Dan Holmberg

Inficure Bio, based in Umeå in northern Sweden, has recently been granted a patent in the United States for its unique preclinical model. At the same time a study describing the basics of the model has been accepted for publication in respected online journal Scientific Reports.

“We are delighted and anticipate that thanks to this attention we will strengthen our position in the market and expect even more customers to show interest in our model”, says Sofia Mayans, CEO of Inficure Bio.

Inficure Bio has developed a more accurate and faster way for pharmaceutical companies that want to test the efficiency of new drugs that treat fibrosis. Fibrosis, or scar tissue, is the body’s natural way of repairing damaged and inflamed tissue. If, however, this process continues unchecked, large amounts of fibrosis can accumulate in the tissue and the organ’s function becomes compromised. Fibrosis can occur as a consequence of, for example, fatty liver or other low-intensity inflammatory conditions that are linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Inficure Bio recently had a patent for its model approved in the USA, which opens up further business opportunities, while protecting the model from competitors.

“Today the USA is our largest market, so the approval of this patent means that we can develop our business there even further”, says Sofia Mayans.

Inficure Bio has also had its latest data accepted for publication in the renowned online journal Scientific Reports, which is the seventh most cited scientific journal in the world. The published results strengthen the credibility of the model, which is of significant value to the company.

“Being featured in this scientific publication, together with getting our US patent approved, gives us every opportunity to make 2021 a record year for our company”, says Sofia Mayans.

Inficure Bio has also been selected to pitch to investors at ‘Mötesplats Stockholm – The Great Northern Capital Connect’ in early 2021. The company has already signed a number of large international supply agreements with several major companies in the USA, as well as a Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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About Inficure Bio

Inficure Bio is a life science company that focuses on preclinical development of new drugs for the treatment of chronic inflammatory and fibrotic conditions. The company has a panel of preclinical models, including a unique model, for studies of chronic inflammation and fibrosis.

Inficure Bio has extensive expertise in immunology, inflammation and fibrosis and offers a knowledgeable and flexible service in these fields.

By contributing to the development of new drugs for chronic inflammation and fibrosis through preclinical tests, Inficure Bio aims to increase the quality of life of individuals who suffer from these diseases. Inficure Bio operates globally, with customers in locations including Australia, the USA and Europe. Further information about the company is available at