Emil Byström, CEO Spinchem

Umeå company Spinchem wins a multi-million deal with the listed Canadian company SNC-Lavalin. Spinchem will supply a so-called Rotating Bed Reactor that will be used to clean process water from the nuclear power industry.
– This is an incredible deal for us. It gives us the opportunity to further develop our product, says Emil Byström, CEO of Spinchem.

Spinchem has signed one of the biggest deals in the company’s history. Their Rotating Bed Reactor is chosen as a complement to Canadian SNC-Lavalin’s purification system for the nuclear industry. Experiments have shown that Spinchem’s product removes the last remains of radioactive substances in process water in a much simpler and more cost-effective way than traditional methods.

– It is fantastic that we, as a company of only four persons, succeed in attracting a large company with just over 52,000 employees worldwide. It is indeed an acknowledgment, says Emil Byström.

He adds:

– This multi-million business creates an opportunity for us to scale up – both our company and our products.

Spinchem’s Rotatingotary bed reactor can be used with various types of filters, for example for purification of water and hazardous waste, but also for production of renewable fuels, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

– We direct our efforts to both research laboratories and production facilities worldwide. At this moment, we have customers in about 20 countries, says Emil Byström.

The deal with SNC-Lavalin was signed in mid-June.

– Currently, there are several projects around the world where SNC-Lavalin will use our products, for example when dismantling nuclear power plants. In such a case, it is important that all radioactivity is purified from the water, says Emil Byström.

Spinchem is part of Umeå Biotech Incubator’s Växa Program.

For more information, please contact:

Emil Byström, CEO of Spinchem
Email: emil@spinchem.com
Mobile: 070-689 25 01

About Spinchem:

Spinchem is a privately owned limited company with an international Board of Directors from both the financial and scientific sectors of industry and academia. The company is located in excellent facilities at Uminova Science Park in Umeå, Sweden. SpinChem actively take part in research cooperations with several academic institutions, both at the nearby Umeå University and on a global arena.