Kajsa Linde, Inficure Bio

Umeå-based Inficure Bio is expanding again, as yet another employee is hired to meet the growing demand for the company’s products.
“Things are going really well for us right now and it feels like the perfect time to expand our team,” says Sofia Mayans, CEO of Inficure Bio.

Inficure Bio has recently entered into several major supply agreements, including a deal with a publically listed US pharmaceutical manufacturer as well as the Swiss company Vifor Pharma and is now actively recruiting more experts to help keep up with a surge in new orders.

Kajsa Linde, who has a licentiate degree in chemistry, joined the company in the beginning of January as Senior Scientist. She previously worked at Umeå biotech company Betagenon.

“Kajsa will fit incredibly well into our team. She has considerable experience in drug development and knows how the industry works,” says Sofia Mayans.

“Inficure Bio is an exciting and forward-looking company and it’s really inspiring to be a part of the team. I hope my experience and in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical development will enable me to contribute with new perspectives and be a real asset to the company,” says Kajsa Linde.

Inficure Bio has developed a process that makes it easier and faster for pharmaceutical companies to test the effect of drugs that treat fibrosis, which is presence of scar tissue in organs. Scar tissue occurs when the organ is damaged, and a common cause of organ damage is inflammation of the tissue. Fibrosis in itself need not be a serious health problem but if it builds up it can result in organ failure.

“We have successfully established ourselves on the market and the demand for our products is steadily increasing. Right now we are focusing on expanding into the Korean market, where there is a very strong pharmaceutical industry,” says Sofia Mayans.

This new appointment brings the total number of staff working at Inficure Bio to five. The company has recently completed all the stages of Umeå Biotech Incubator’s incubator program and will be moving to new offices at Tvistevägen 48 in Umeå in February.

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About Inficure Bio

InfiCure Bio is a life science company focused on preclinical development and validation of drugs that target chronic inflammatory and fibrotic conditions.

Based on a panel of in vivo models for these conditions including a proprietary model for chronic inflammation and fibrosis, we offer effect tests of anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic drugs.

Founded on extensive experience and expertise in immunology, inflammation and fibrosis research, InfiCure Bio offers proficient and flexible processing of drug validation projects in this area.