Equipment in B11A

Block heater

ThermoStat-C Eppendorf
Temperature control for heating and cooling. For eppendorf tubes 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml.


Microfuge 18 Beckman Coulter
Benchtop centrifuge for Eppendorf tubes.


Citerion cell Bio-Rad
Run one or two gels, which are wider and longer than traditional mini gels.

Dual Cool Mini Vertical DCX-700 CBS Scientific
Mini-vertical electrophoresis system running with temperature-controlled buffer conditions.

Mini Protean Tetra cell Bio-Rad
Vertical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis system.

Mini-Sub Cell GT Bio-Rad
Horizontal Electrophoresis System for nucleic acid separations.

Power Pac Basic Bio-Rad

Power supply Thermo EC EC105

Thermo EC Minicell Primo EC-320 Horizontal Gel System
Horizontal Electrophoresis.

Thermo EC Minicell Primo EC-340 Horizontal Gel System
Horizontal Electrophoresis.

Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell BioRad
Horizontal Electrophoresis.

pH meter

pHenomenal PC 5000L VWR

pHenomenal pH 1100L VWR


Microwave owen Samsung


Analysis scale excellence plus XP 205 Mettler-Toledo
Analytical balance.

BP121 Sartorius
Analytical balance.

CPA34001S Sartorius
Max 34.000 g.

Snabbvåg B2002S Mettler Toledo


Shaker Ohaus SHLD0403DG

UV Table

LKB 2011 Macrovue Transilluminator
For ethidium bromide-stained gels and other fluorescence applications

Western blot

Trans blot semi dry transfer cell Bio-Rad / Quick-Reference-Guide.pdf
Semi-dry transfer for western.

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