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An all new call for “Collaboration projects for better health” will open in December 2018. The strategic innovation programmes Swelife and MedTech4Health join forces to support development and implementation of highly innovative solusions that can contribute to better health, prevention, diagnostics, monitoring and treatments of disease. The budget for 2018 is 130 M SEK and projects can apply for up to 3 million SEK per project.

The call “Collaboration Projects for Better Health” opens on December 17th 2018

This new call differs from other research funding calls mainly in two aspects; it requires at least two stakeholders in differens fields (academia, health care & industry) to partner up and write a joint proposal, and the project is to include 50 percent co-funding from the applicants. The co-funding can however be in the form of allocated time in kind.

There is an extensive and detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions about this call – so far only in Swedish:

Hands-on support for a successful application

The application will open in the ordinary Vinnova funding portal on December 17th 2018 – and deadline is set to Feburary 28th 2019.

A benefit with this call is that there are resources set aside from Swelife staff to help applicants practically with writing and checking the applications before submission. This raises the quality of applications and supplies all applicants with valuable feed-back and coaching.

Contact staff to get direct support and answers

Åsa Wallin at Swelife can be reached on cell phone number +46 13 28 89 78.  Alternatively, Frida Lindberg at Medtech4Health is available at +46 70 191 81 73.

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