Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) is ending its development project program period with the “Life science super week” between May 8th-10th 2023 – an action-packed three-day event filled with seminars, an investment day, a life science pub plus a brand new services business fair.
“Life science in Umeå is buzzing right now, so pulling together several events at the same time gives us great synergistic effects”, says Jennie Ekbeck, UBI’s CEO.

UBI is both an incubator and a business accelerator for the rapidly growing life science industry in Umeå. It is also responsible for the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) ‘Life Science Motorn’ project – which so far has exceeded all expectations.

Life science companies in Umeå have attracted more than SEK 800 million in capital since the beginning of 2019. The number of life science jobs in the city has increased by 17 percent annually, and the total industry turnover has tripled from SEK 200 million to SEK 600 million.

The Life Science Motorn project’s target is to develop the city’s life science industry to collectively employ 1,000 staff and have a combined turnover of SEK 1.5 billion by the year 2030.

Key project goals will be addressed
The project is divided into multi-year periods, and ‘The Life Science Super Week’ being organized by UBI between 8th-10th May is a fitting finale to the 2019-2023 program period, and where the events link to the main goal of having a growing and diversified industry in Umeå.

* The seminars and a UBI Investment Day help life science companies in Umeå to grow.
* The Life science pub is an important arena that encourages new collaborations within the life science industry.
* The new fair – Life science service provider fair – helps to develop the service sector in Umeå.

“It may sound crazy to organize such large events back-to-back, but we see valuable synergistic effects by gathering industry people from all over Sweden in a few short days. We are convinced that 1+1 adds up to more than 2”, says Jennie Ekbeck.

“We’re kicking off with a seminar on how unlisted life science companies can attract new investors. The next day companies get to meet investors from all over Sweden at the UBI Investment Day, while in the evening we host the life science pub – Norrland’s premier industry networking event.

“We end the event with the Life science service provider fair on Wednesday which aims to develop the industry’s service sector. As an added bonus these service companies will also be at the life science pub, so people can meet them and break the ice before the fair”.

The investment day moves from Stockholm to Umeå
UBI’s Investment Day is also making a comeback this year after an enforced break due to the pandemic. For the past eleven years it had been organized in Stockholm in conjunction with the ‘Västerbotten at the Grand Hotel’ event, but has now been moved to Umeå.

“It feels right to organize the investment day here. There are so many examples of successful life science companies from Umeå that have attracted capital and developed fantastic innovations. And there are many more exciting companies here too, both in and outside our incubator”, says Jennie.

The Life science service provider fair is being organized for the first time, and has attracted 14 national companies with expertise in key areas of the life science industry. Five educational seminars are also being arranged for visitors to participate in.

“The life science industry in Umeå is continuously growing. Today we have almost ten companies that employ more than 20 people – including two large companies and three medium-sized companies. But there is still enormous development potential within the services sector, which is why we are giving the life science companies in Umeå a chance to meet at the services business fair and establish contacts with experts in a number of different fields. We hope this new meeting place will help the service sector in Umeå grow”.

UBI ‘Life Science Super Week’ – 8th-10th May, 2023

8th May, 2023
13.00-14.00 at Tvistevägen 48, Umeå:
Seminar – ‘How to raise capital as an unlisted life science company’
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9th May, 2023
10.00-17.00 at Rex, Umeå:
UBI Investment Day – investors from all over Sweden come face-to-face with life science companies from Umeå.
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16.00-22.00, Rådhuskällaren, Rex. Umeå:
Life science pub – Norrland’s only life science industry networking event where people from academia, business and the local region meet up.
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10th May, 2023
13.00-16.00 at Tvistevägen 48, Umeå:
Life science service provider fair – featuring 14 exhibiting companies and five seminars.
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