Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) will represent Umeå’s life science industry as part of the annual ‘Västerbotten på Grand Hôtel i Stockholm’ event being held in January.
“We want to contribute to Umeå’s growth as a life science city by connecting the life science industry with local, regional, and national decision-makers”, says UBI’s CEO Jennie Ekbeck.

UBI has a vision of a life science industry in Umeå that employs over 1 000 people and has a turnover of SEK 1.5 billion by the year 2030. The city is currently on track to achieve this, with employment opportunities at companies headquartered in Umeå having increased by 17 per cent annually for the past five years. In addition, turnover of life science companies has increased from SEK 250 million in 2017 to almost SEK 600 million in 2021.

This growth, however, does not occur without hard work, cooperation and a shared vision – which is the premise for a seminar UBI will be hosting on 25th January that focuses on the potential and challenges facing Umeå’s life science industry.

“It will be a place where decision-makers, public bodies and the industry can meet and jointly discuss how to harvest the enormous potential we have in Umeå”, explains Jennie Ekbeck.

The program includes lectures and panel discussions with representatives on both local and national levels, including delegates from Swedish government offices (Regeringskansliet) and Business Sweden.

“We want to reach out and welcome all decision-makers, civil servants and companies that want to contribute to making Umeå a more vibrant life science city. Collaboration is the key to success and, in our world, one plus one always equals at least three”, says Jennie Ekbeck.

Explaining the decision to organise the seminar during the ‘Västerbotten på Grand Hôtel i Stockholm’ event, she adds:

“In this way we can bring together local and regional perspectives with the bigger national picture, because this is not just a local issue. It can sometimes be easier to analyse one’s home environment when viewing it from the outside. With the participation of national representatives we will also benefit from adding an important ‘helicopter perspective’ to the discussion”.