A few weeks ago, Betagenon launched their Phase II clinical trial that will be performed in Stockholm and Uppsala. In total, 66 patients with type-2 diabetes will be given a candidate drug to access the pharmacological effects on one of the world most wide spread diseases.

Around 400 million people globally are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, sometimes called late-onset diabetes. Only one in ten live a complication-free life. The need for better treatment is therefore very pressing, as this global disease is still increasing in prevalence among people worldwide. Betagenons candidate drug, targeting AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), passed the phase I toxicology tests last year and is now ready to be tested on patients with the indicated pathology.

– Most people don’t understand what an impact this may have – if we reach the market we can copy the positive effects of physical activity and healthy diets on a number of diseases, he says, almost sounding surprised himself.

Umeå – a growing ground for future discoveries

Betagenon’s offices are currently situated in Uminova Science Park, and although the company has not been enrolled in the business coaching services, they have utilized equipment and facilities across the hall at UBI, as in Umeå Biotech Incubator. Thomas Edlund has done reserach in prominent labs around the world – but the Betagenon story is born and raised in Umeå.

– I guess I just wanted to prove that it can be done. Here. In Umeå. Just as well as in San Fransisco, Boston or New York. Umeå is small so we always had to think and act globally from day one, he says.

The study is estimated to take around one year’s time to complete. If successful, Thomas Edlund may have a whole new type of drug on his hands – a game changer in the treatment of disease caused by energy imbalance in humans.

Note: This text is an excerpt from a longer profile article on Thomas Edlund. Read the full story behind Betagenon’s development here>>>


Text: Carolina Hawranek
Illustration: Betagenon
Company website: betagenon.se