Peter Jacobsson took on his new role as business coach at Umeå Biotech Incubator at the beginning of May 2017. That makes him the fourth coach at the specialized life science incubator in Umeå. Bringing onboard comopetence from both pharmaceutical production, project management and quality control he strengthens the coaching services provided to early cases and startups.

Peter Jacobsson has been recruited directly from a manager position in Quality & Management for the consulting firm Knightec AB. Before that, he worked for 14 years for APL (Apotek Produktion och Laboratorier) in different roles, mainly with responsibilities covering quality assurance, Project management and organisational development.

Broad experience from large and smaller companies

He has been a local in Västerbotten for almost two decades, but is orginially from Stockholm, where his professional background can be traced to both large corporations like Pharmacia and many years in smaller biotech firmst like AB Sangtec Medical. Now he will take on a whole new role.

– Since I have a lot of experience working with mature companies and large production facilities, I really feel like I want to contribute with my knowledge to small growing startups, says Peter Jacobsson.

Many ideas applying to the incubator

The addition to the coaching team is well needed as there is a strong influx of new idéas to the incubator.

– In order for us to meet the expectations of our innovators we need to increase our staff resources in the early phases. In parallell with this recruitment, our coach Helén Fält will move on to supporting our cases in the later stages of the incubation process, says CEO Jennie Ekbeck.

Counting the new addition, the UBI coach team now consists of two resources for upcoming and early startups – Peter Jacobsson and Pia Keyser, and two coaches in the so called accelerator phase, where Ann-Charlotte Aronsson and Helén Fält are developing the service portfolio for late stages with their solid business experience and large network from the industry.

Contacts to the entire UBI team can be found here.