Umeå Biotech,

Since 2012 the number of women entrepreneurs in our incubator has tripled. Our CEO, Jennie Ekbeck, attributes the increase to visible role models, national incentives and a strategic long-term approach to include and motivate everyone who is willing to test their idea.

Our collegues at Uminova Innovation are also working towards a higher degree of inclusion and greater variety of ideas.

Today, Infotech Umeå highlights our work efforts and results up until now. You’ll find the original article (in Swedish) on the following link:

But we need more women to step up to the challenge. Imagine if only half of mankinds ideas were ever tested and tried. Time to pitch your ideas girls! Welcome to join us!

PS: At Umeå Biotech Incubator we facilitate a professional network for leaders in life science (that also happen to be women). This networking forum is a safe educational forum where emmbers can share experiences and challenges, learn from experts they ask for themselves and support each other in the joint effort to propel new ideas and innovations forward. Read more about the Women’s network at UBI here (link).

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