Whether we like it or not – the field of life sciences is still a rather unequal arena. Therefore, we facilitate a network for women managing science based businesses. This forum is an invitation-only concept, with casual meetings for discussion, inspiration, debreifing and networking among academic entrepreneurs that also happen to be women.

We would like so say that all our cases have equal chances of launching their scientific business idea on the market. Unfortunately, current evidence tells us otherwise. Business data shows that less than one tenth of all venture capital is invested in female entrepreneurs. In academia, female researchers need to perform several times better than their male peers to reach similar professional positions. This is of course unacceptable – and we want to contribute to create more equal opportunities for academics and entrepreneurs.

Therefore we have initiated a network for female innovation leaders. This forum is a professional network and a space to discuss and share knowledge so that each individual can grow in their profession.

The network meets once a month during lunch to discuss topics that are relevant to the network. The network is open to founder and CEOs to incubator cases and alumni companies to Umeå Biotech Incubator.

If you are interested in this concept, please contact our CEO Jennie Ekbeck, jennie.ekbeck@ubi.se or 090-15 49 77.