Erik Lindström, CEO of Medicvent, cwhich delievers central systems for waste gas/diathermy and its unique double mask system used in anesthesia to Högsbo Regional Hospital.

Umeå-based Medicvent has been awarded a new prestigious assignment to deliver central systems for waste gas/diathermy and its unique double mask system used in anesthesia to Högsbo Regional Hospital, which will be inaugurated in Gothenburg in 2024.
“It is a modern, innovative hospital that wants to be at the very forefront of healthcare. It’s fantastic that we’ve got the opportunity to work with a client like this”, says Erik Lindström, CEO of Medicvent.

MedTech company Medicvent was founded in 1983 with a vision to develop, manufacture and sell products for the evacuation of air pollutants – with a strong focus on the healthcare sector. Its products are engineered to improve and maintain the internal working environment for staff while having a positive effect on the external environment.

The company’s main product is its patented double mask system, which is used in hospitals during anesthesia procedures and childbirth to protect staff from harmful gases. An evacuation system for smoke gas is another key product for the Umeå-based company. Smoke gas created during diathermy treatment is considered more dangerous than cigarette smoke, and without adequate evacuation could be inhaled by staff.

Strong position in Sweden
Medicvent enjoys a strong position in the Swedish market. The company, which opened its headquarters in Umeå in 1989, counts all the major Swedish university hospitals among its clients. When Nya Karolinska (Karolinska University Hospital) was being built in Solna, Medicvent was entrusted with the largest order in its history.

Next year, two new buildings and operating theaters totaling 106,000 square meters will be inaugurated at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. Medicvent has supplied 14 central ventilation systems and 158 motor valves for spot extraction in operating theaters.

The new assignment at Högsbo Regional Hospital in Gothenburg is yet further proof of Medicvent’s strong position within the Swedish healthcare sector.

“The reason for our success is simply that we are good at what we do. Our clients know we have worked in our area of expertise for many years and that our technology and solutions are effective when it comes to creating the best possible working environments”, explains Erik Lindström.

Have a good year
Högsbo Regional Hospital says it is committed to “new thinking and innovation and will challenge existing forms of providing local healthcare”. The new hospital will primarily specialize in day surgery, where Medicvent’s central fan system, together with its applications, will minimize the risk to staff of being exposed to unhealthy gases. The first patients are expected to receive care in 2024.

“We have already delivered and commissioned the equipment at the hospital. We have strong representation in southern Sweden, and we are delighted they chose us when they wanted to build a brand new, modern hospital”, says Erik, who added that the business in general is booming.

“We are having a good year. Things are going fantastically well both in Sweden and abroad. We also have a couple of new markets that we are hoping to supply”.

Big focus on Europe
Medicvent currently has clients in Belgium, France, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Norway and New Zealand, and plans to add more countries to the list.

“We have a big focus on Europe. It’s about finding markets and clients who know that the working environment is important, and who consider our products interesting. It is no coincidence that our company was started in Sweden, where the working environment has always been highly valued. Now we see more focus on it in other countries as well”.

Medicvent currently has eight employees working at its headquarters in Östteg, Umeå.

“If we continue to grow as we are, we will eventually need to add to our ranks”, notes Erik Lindström.

About Medicvent
Employees: 8
History: Founded in 1983 by inventor Allan Lindqvist, who was county manager at the newly founded Swedish vehicle testing facility in Västerbotten in 1964, where he felt driven to invent applications and improvements in his spare time. He eventually became an independent inventor, and later introduced the concept of his ventilation system to the healthcare industry.
Ownership: Owned by Sdiptech since 2015. Sdiptech is a Swedish technology group with a focus on infrastructure that acquires and develops companies to create more sustainable, efficient, and safe societies.