Sofia Mayans, CEO, and Dan Holmberg, CSO, are the co-founders of InfiCure Bio.

The Umeå based life science company InfiCure Bio continues to take large steps in the global market by signing agreements with two major international companies.
“The contracts with our new clients clearly show that pharmaceutical companies continue to invest in the development of new drugs for fibrosis, which is extremely promising for InfiCure Bio”, says InfiCure Bio’s CEO, Sofia Mayans.

InfiCure Bio has developed a unique model that makes it easier and faster for pharmaceutical companies to test the effect of drugs to treat fibrosis. Fibrosis, or scar tissue, is the body’s natural way of repairing damaged and inflamed tissue. If, however, this process continues unchecked, large amounts of fibrosis can accumulate in the tissue and the organ’s function becomes compromised.

InfiCure Bio has previously signed several major agreements with international clients, including Cymabay Therapeutics, a stock market-listed US pharmaceutical company. The two new agreements are with companies that are also active in the development of drugs for both liver and kidney fibrosis.

“This makes our preclinical model very interesting for them as they can evaluate the effect of their substance on both liver and kidney fibrosis at the same time”, says Sofia Mayans, and continues:

“This is yet more proof of the need for and the potential of our model. The contracts with our new clients are an energy boost for the entire business, and it also shows that the pharmaceutical industry has rebooted again following the pandemic”.

In parallel with the work on the projects for the new clients, InfiCure Bio is also working strategically to find more clients in the USA and Europe.

“Exciting times are ahead for us! Before the pandemic, our major focus was on the American market, but the pandemic showed us that it is extremely important to spread our risks and put more energy into finding clients in other parts of the world such as Europe as well”, says Sofia Mayans.

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About Inficure Bio
Inficure Bio is a life science company with a focus on preclinical development of new drugs for the treatment of chronic inflammatory and fibrotic conditions. The company has a panel of preclinical models, including a unique model, for studying chronic inflammation and fibrosis.
Inficure Bio has extensive competence in immunology, inflammation and fibrosis, and offers competent and flexible services in this field.
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