Helén Fält, CEO of UBI-supported QureTech Bio AB, is busier than ever.

  • She is the sole Nordic representative on the board of BEAM Alliance, at the forefront of promoting antimicrobial research and development in Europe.
  • QureTech Bio is pushing for increased funding for the ongoing drug development.
  • The QTB team is also gearing up for the Umeågalan on March 21st, where they are nominated for “University Spin-Off of the Year”.

We contacted Helen about all that’s cooking right now.

1) As a board member of the BEAM Alliance, could you explain its function?
“The BEAM Alliance provides a unique platform for its members to suggest and support policies and incentives in European antimicrobial research and development. Representing over 70 small and medium-sized European companies, BEAM Alliance is a pivotal force in innovating against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our members are developing a range of innovative products to combat AMR”.

2) As the only member from Sweden and the Nordics on the board, what will be your focus?
“I’ll be closely monitoring advancements in AMR specifically for the Nordics, and exchanging information about what’s happening primarily in Europe and globally. We’re committed to informing EU policymakers about antibiotic resistance and the fragile state of clinical product development”.

“To put it in perspective, while there are about 10,000 products in development for cancer, there are only 77 antibacterial products. Considering modern healthcare’s reliance on effective antibiotics, not just for infections but also in cancer treatment and surgeries, including cesarean section, the issue of antibiotic resistance is a global concern. We urgently need clear financial incentives to reverse this trend, as developing new antibiotics can take 7-10 years.”

3) What’s happening at QureTech Bio right now?
“We’re focused on developing an effective and safe antibiotic, fine-tuning the properties of our chemical compounds to create the best possible drug candidate, especially for treating infections caused by gram-positive bacteria, including MRSA”.

“To achieve this, we’re seeking investment, inviting investors to join and support our exciting company with their funds and expertise. We’re in discussions with several investors, and our new board, including existing investors, is playing a significant role in this. We hope to contribute to reducing antibiotic resistance, which WHO has classified as one of the greatest threats to humanity.”

4) Finally, how does it feel to be a finalist for the “University Spin-Off of the Year” award at the Umeågalan?
“It’s an honor to be nominated and to have our work recognized locally. The other finalists, SpinChem and Enduce, are outstanding in their fields, and regardless of the outcome, we’re delighted with the nomination!”