Sofie Knutsson & Anna Linusson, Insecticide case

For the eleventh year in a row Umeå Biotech Incubator hosted the Biotech Umeå Investment Day (BUID) (last Thursday) at Stockholm’s Grand Hôtel, when investors from Sweden and abroad got the opportunity to meet 12 companies from Västerbotten.

The event was fully booked with nearly thirty selected investors from different companies taking part and more than one hundred scheduled planning meetings.

We asked both companies and investors what they appreciated about the event.

Was BUID what you expected it to be?

“No, it was much better! Most people have seen the ‘Dragons’ Den’ but this was nothing like that. The investors we met were excited about innovation and you got lots of tips and advice. We are just starting out so our goal was to establish contacts and be seen”, says Anna Linusson from Insecticide Case, who attended BUID for the first time this year.

Mikael Österberg and Jennie Ekbeck

One entrepreneur visiting BUID for the second year in a row was Mikael Österberg, who is looking for investments in the health app Memotus.

What did you think of BUID?

“The meetings were short and intensive and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we’re currently in the process of raising capital. BUID is a fantastic forum if you want to connect with a lot of potential investors”.

Do you have to travel to Stockholm to meet investors?

“There’s nothing unusual about travelling to Stockholm. I do it all the time. But of course it feels a little strange when you meet investors from Västerbotten there”, says Mikael Österberg.

We asked the investors what they think about BUID during the “fika” mingle. A couple of the investors thinks its self explanatory that companies are going to Stockholm in search for investments.

One of the investors jokinlgy says “Its in Stockholm where the money is!” and further explains that there real esate investors that are looking for other industries to minimize risk.

I have not visited Umeå itself, but I know investors who have done it. I would like to have several days “partnering” and i wonder if I should not go to Umeå soon.