APL:s facility in Umeå. PHOTO: APL

APL (Apotek Production & Laboratorier AB) is committing 40 million SEK to establish a new sterile pharmaceutical production line at its Umeå site. This strategic move is both a response to new manufacturing regulations and an enhancement of the plant’s output capabilities, including acquiring new machinery and constructing additional facilities.
“The dynamic environment in Umeå is perfectly suited for our growth,” says Erik Haeffler, CEO of APL, to UBI.  

Investing in the Umeå site is a key element of the strategic plan, according to Erik Haeffler.
“The demand for sterile drugs within our contract manufacturing operations is robust. This investment modernizes our facility and significantly expands our capacity, enabling us to accommodate more clients.”, he says in a press release from APL.

The procurement of necessary equipment will commence immediately, with construction modifications at the factory beginning this fall to ensure readiness for equipment installation. Notably, a new filling machine will be installed, expected to arrive in 14 months.

Full operational status by 2026
“Following installation, we will proceed with validation and anticipate full operational status by 2026. This timeline is due to our commitment to validate 26 different products currently processed on the existing line to the new line, as part of our mandate,” adds Haeffler to UBI.

Contract manufacturing is prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly as it enables research firms to efficiently access the market without investing in their facilities. APL works with multiple Swedish and international drug companies, covering both commercial production and development initiatives.

“This investment enhances our capabilities and ensures our growth in Umeå and our ability to meet the long-term responsibilities entrusted to us by the Swedish state, including providing pharmacy preparations that supplement the regular drug supply. The pharmaceuticals produced on this new line are often critical to patient treatments,” remarks Haeffler in the press release.

Umeå an ideal place for development
The facility will feature a new line capable of handling both dropper and injection bottles. APL today employs around 120 people in Umeå. While the 40 million SEK investment does not automatically lead to new hires, it does boost APL’s competitive edge.

“The line’s capacity will be boosted by about 50 percent, which could lead to more project wins and potentially more hiring,” notes Erik Haeffler to UBI.

What is APL’s outlook on its development in Umeå?
“APL and I view Umeå as an ideal place for our continued development, especially given its status as a vibrant life science hub. The dynamic environment in Umeå is perfectly suited for our growth”, concludes the CEO of APL.

For more info, please contact: 
Erik Haeffler, CEO of APL
E-mail: erik.haeffler@apl.se

Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier (APL) is one of Europe’s leading companies in the production of extemporaneous and stock preparations. APL works on behalf of society and other pharmaceutical companies to maximize patient benefits. The vision is to make a difference for patients with special needs.
APL is also an established contract manufacturer in the Life Sciences sector in Scandinavia, providing development and analysis services. With approximately 500 employees and five manufacturing units in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Umeå, APL produces medications that improve and save lives.