Erika Gelfgren, CEO Agrisera

After many years of private ownership, Vännäs-based Agrisera has been acquired by Swedish biotech company Olink Proteomics AB.
“The Agrisera brand was very strong in itself, but this step offers us great opportunities that can benefit both our customers and partners,” says Erika Gelfgren, CEO of Agrisera.

Agrisera is a Swedish company specialising in the production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

“We provide a large range of ready-made antibodies, mainly for plant research, which are used, for example, to better understand photosynthesis,” explains Erika Gelfgren.

She continues: “We also provide reagents and secondary antibodies, as well as custom-made antibodies for researchers and companies in various research areas, including human medicine.”

Agrisera and Uppsala-based Olink have collaborated for several years, which resulted in a strong working relationship between the two companies. Olink has now acquired Agrisera from main shareholder Greger Nordlund, who founded Agrisera 35 years ago and held the position as the company’s CEO up until 2018.

“In addition to Greger we had a number of minority shareholders – all with links to Agrisera – who have now sold their shares,” says Erika Gelfgren, who believes the backing of their new owner will unlock significant new opportunities.

Following the acquisition, the plan is for Agrisera to continue operating as an independent unit without any major organisational changes. Erika Gelfgren will remain as CEO and the company will continue production from its site in Vännäs.

“However, with Olink by our side we have access to an expanded network which opens up new possibilities for collaboration that will help us further strengthen the life science sector in the Umeå region. We will continue to run our webshop and develop our product catalogue, while staying committed to placing the same high demands on all parts of our production chain. Agrisera stands for high-quality products and services, and we will continue to deliver that.”

Today Agrisera employs around 20 members of staff, but more may be recruited in the coming months.

“We are ramping up our production capacity and want to bring in new skills and knowledge to the company. We will definitely be expanding the workforce in the future,” says Erika Gelfgren.

For further information please contact:
Erika Gelfgren, CEO, Agrisera
070-534 27 60