Fredrik Almqvist, professor i organisk kemi vid Umeå Universitet.

Quretech Bio develops innovative antibiotics by stopping bacterial virulence with a first-in-class active substance. The approach is not to kill bacteria, but make them harmless – thus complementing existing treatments and making established antibiotic drugs more effective without causing resistance.

Chlamydia on the rise with high degree of treatment failiure

There are accumulating reports that antibiotic resistance is on the rise in Chlamydia cases. The exact frequency of antibiotic resistance in Chlamydia is unknown. However, antibiotic resistant clinical isolates have been isolated from patients with treatment failure and recent studies have shown up to a 13.7 percent treatment failure. Improved antibiotic treatment is therefore urgent. In parallell the threat of antibiotic resistance is becoming alarming and is already identified as a global public health concern.

Promising substance with low toxicity in humans

A new class of compounds were observed to have a new target profile. The new compounds showed novel activity against Chlamydia and indicated a possible novel target “mode of action”.

These compounds represent a new class of antibiotics that may have broad-spectrum activity against i.e. Clamydia and other pathogens. A notable observation found that the initial set of compounds was non-toxic to human cell lines.

More effective agent targeting bacteria at several stages

Unlike current antibiotics used to treat Chlamydia, the new compounds disclosed here appear to be effectively targeting Chlamydia at two separate points of their lifecycle. This is relevant in light of the few reports on the C. pneumonia that standard single antibiotic courses (two weeks) only kill at one of its three life phases, leaving live forms of bacteria which are in other stages to renew infection.

Quretech Bio is fighting virulence for both Chlamydia and Tuberculosis

N.B. Since beeing accepten into the incubator Quretech Bio has expanded their reasearch and portfolio to adress antivirulence treatment of Tuberculosis as well. Please refer to QureTech Bio’s own website for detailed and updated information: QureTech Bio website (link)

UBI Incubation Phase


Contact Information

Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI)
Tvistevägen 48
907 36 Umeå, Sweden
Fredrik Almqvist
CEO, Co-founder
Sven Bergström
Jörgen Johansson
Annica Rönnbäck
Project coordinator
Department of Chemistry, Umeå University
Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University