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Pro Test Diagnostics has developed a routine test to monitor and detect illegal use of one’s own stored blood to enhance performance in elite athletes. The ABT™-test can expose athletes who have used blood doping and the result is not affected by the athlete’s training intensity, the use of high-altitude training or the use of low oxygen tents.

The most elusive doping approach in elite athletes

Transfusion of one’s own blood to enhance physical performance, also known as autologous blood doping, is infamously hard to identify. Unlike the use of EPO, there are no easily detectable markers, making this transfusion a pressing issue for many sporting organizations (i.e. IAAF) and the global World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Transfusion of one’s own blood raises the oxygen-carrying capacity of the athlete’s blood. This increased capacity allows the athlete to get more oxygen to the muscles and can thereby compete harder and recover faster during rest periods.

Pro Test Diagnostics has developed a complementary test to monitor and detect illegal use of one’s own stored blood to enhance performance in elite athletes. The test used today focuses on the concentration of hemoglobin in blood, which can easily be manipulated to deceive the current test.

A real unmet need for a test that can reveal blood doping

The amount of money involved in worldwide sport championships is a staggering multi-billion dollar industry. In comparison, the IOC reported that US$350 million is spent on analysis and monitoring of athletes globally each year. While many unique and efficient tests for steroids, hormones and drugs are available, there is a great need for an accurate effective test to identify blood doping using one’s own blood.

In 2018, WADA laboratories conducted about 31 000 tests for doping-related to the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) who is monitoring endurance athletes for hematological changes. Tests that could be substituted by our autologous blood test. Between the years 2008–2018 not a single athlete was suspended for autologous blood doping, which reflects the lack of efficiency and rigor in existing tests.

Our solution – a unique, accurate test that can’t be tricked

Pro Test Diagnostics’ ABT™-test can expose athletes who have transfused their own stored blood. The test complements the workflow established by WADA for the blood monitoring module of the Athlete Biological Passport – an established global monitoring document required by WADA. Pro Test Diagnostics will offer a complete single-use test kit, complete with the components to prepare samples and analyze the blood sample of an athlete.

Benefits for market introduction of the ABT™-test

The novel blood doping test offered by Pro Test Diagnostics complements the current workflow, enhances the sensitivity of the current process and is compatible with current instruments used at all anti-doping WADA-accredited laboratories. In addition, we have:

• First-mover advantage and already established relationship with WADA, the main partner
• Outsourced manufacturing allows for lower internal infrastructure needs for product realization

Pro Test Diagnostics will lead the competition by introducing the first routine test and thereby become the golden standard for blood doping measurements.


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